A revolutionary Holistic approach to weight loss

Can you help? What is your top question on weight loss? 

Hi, Dawn Cuckow and Bay Deane here…  

We’re very close to finishing our long awaited course and book on Weight Loss. It’s been over 5 years of research, and we are now nearly ready to release it.  

Our course is packed full of informational webinars, meditations and rituals, menu plans and weekly activities. These are all designed to help you take the steps to change your eating habits for life. There are lots of tips to help when the going gets tough, and the course provides group support.  

Our approach is unique. We cover an enormous range of factors that contribute to your weight. In fact we think we’ve covered just about everything! We look in step by step detail at balancing your your body, so the weight naturally falls off. If you’re an emotional eater, we break down the reasons into simple strategies for change. With our holistic approach, we want you to feel totally nourished on every level.  

HOWEVER, we need your help. Before we finalise everything, we need to make sure we have covered everything.  

This is where you come in. Please take a few minutes to answer this super-short survey - There is really only one thing we want to ask you……

What is your top question about weight loss that we absolutely NEED to answer in our weight loss course?

Dawn Cuckow - Nutritional Therapist  

Bay Deane - Psychotherapist  

A holistic approach to weight loss, combining mind and body. Based on the latest research it will help you address all the factors behind your weight and nourish you on all levels. It will empower you to lose weight for life